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May 18, 2014 Sasha Mishkin
If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyelashes are the curtain. This is gospel at eyeLure Boutique, where Jenny and her experienced staff ensure that your eyes stand out. Just an elevator ride away from busting Broadway in the heart of SoHo, eyelash experts at eyeLure Boutique are waiting to welcome you with naturally sweetened hot tea and an array of customized looks to suit your desired come-hither style.

While sitting on a plush white couch, your eyelash aesthetician will show you a variety of different looks from Adorablash (75 extensions per eye) to SoHostylash (130 extensions per eye). After analyzing your face and eye shape, the aesthetician will advise the best number of extensions with correct length and thickness to make your eyes look as Hollywood glamour as it gets.

“We design the best fitting eyelashes for each of our customers,” said owner Jenny. “Just like how the best make-up is different for everyone, our customers need different eyelash extensions to look their best.”

Once you’ve decided on a lash style, your aesthetician will lead you through white French doors to a massage table, where you’ll rest comfortably for the duration of the treatment, usually lasting between one and two hours. “Our customers find the procedure relaxing, and a majority of them fall asleep after 10 to 15 minutes,” Jenny said. While you’re relaxing, your aesthetician will delicately adhere lash extensions one millimeter away from the eyelid on top of your natural lash, using medical grade glue that contains neither formaldehyde nor latex.

With customer satisfaction being the primary focus, Jenny and her staff want to make sure clients feel as comfortable as possible, which is why instead of medical tapes, eyeLure Boutique use eye-patches to cover the lower lashes. The patches prevent wrinkles and puffing around the eyes, making the process 100% pain-free.

With spa music playing softly in the background and a light blanket draping your body, who wouldn’t want to take a serene nap only to wake up with gorgeous fluttering lashes?

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