Semi-permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent Makeup

Micro-feathering with motorized digital pen

eyeLure Boutique's semi-permanent make up procedures combine the best of the available techniques and technologies in the beauty industry. To create brows with a lush, yet a natural look with fine and precise strokes that mimic natural hair and growth patterns, eyeLure performs semi-permanent with micro-feathering techniques while utilizing a motorized digital pen that penetrates pigments into the skin layer above the epidermis with precision.

With eyeLure's technical expertise, the procedure is gentle on the skin especially in comparison to micro-blading methods, therefore reducing skin distress and expediting the healing process. Micro-feathering technique using a motorized pen also makes other types of semi-permanent makeup very natural while minimizing skin distress.

The use of this pen also promotes hygiene and minimizes risk for infection, as it uses sterile pigment cartridges that are disposed after every use.

Prices upon consultation
Eye Line Wings
Full Lips
Inner Lips
Lip Lines Only
Beauty Marks / Freckles
Hair Line
Scar Coverage
Touch up (1- 3 months)

Consultation Deposit: There is a $150 non-refundable deposit that goes toward the cost of the entire procedure.